Bringing Vision to Reality since 1974

Since 1974 Badiyan has been helping companies thrive by providing meaningful training and marketing solutions that produce change. Our focus on constant imagination and innovation has made us successful and helped us build trusting partnerships with some of the world’s most successful companies.

Our business is to provide consultative and directive guidance, with the goal of bringing you and your audience together. With a deep commitment to understanding your needs and to nurturing a long-term relationship, we work closely with you to find exactly the right solution in a process that we call Bringing Vision to Reality.


At Badiyan achievement does not always come easy. However, it is routine.

Success brings awards. Look at our walls and countertops and you'll see over 300 of them such as Clio's, Davey's, and Telly's; recent additions and some that date back to when Fred Badiyan started the company.

We take the awards we receive very seriously; not as badges of our ability among peers—yes, that recognition is nice—but as a measure of our ability to consistently deliver outstanding solutions that motivate, train, persuade, and change audiences, ultimately driving business success for our customers.

Badiyan Team

A talented and integrated team from analysis to development to deployment

Badiyan has an engaged and powerful creative team with a rare combination of specialized skills. Our writers, producers, directors, instructional designers, and project managers are steeped in learning and marketing theory yet they value free thinking and innovation. They apply strong cultural and global awareness to understanding how communication impacts your audiences. Our programmers can flat-out build the best communication solutions available.

Badiyan culture is one of mutual respect and collaboration. We value each other's expertise and work together seamlessly to create and deploy learning strategies. We are a single, unified team because that ensures that every client always gets our best.


The best talent and technology under one roof

At Badiyan, state-of-the-art technology and top-notch talent are givens. Our facility in Bloomington, Minnesota houses all of the hardware, software, and talent needed to build any communication solution imaginable. This enables us to produce singular, blended, or multi-tiered solutions that are highly cohesive.

Our total in-house capabilities give our customers the benefit of single-source accountability, reducing their project coordination and management load and allowing them to fully participate in a mutually creative environment.

In a virtual-company world, you have the assurance of knowing that the Badiyan team works together, in the same place, to keep collaboration and accountability at the highest level.


Contact Information

720 West 94th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55420
(952) 888-5507
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A History of Experience, Innovation, Global Awareness, and Stability


The attributes that make the Badiyan Team a trusted business partner today have their roots in the journey that Fred Badiyan embarked on over forty years ago.

Fred began his film career in 1958 as a sound technician and editor. His talents were used in films and commercials, including a series of films for the United States Information Agency, which led to an invitation to New York's Manhattan Sound, a division of 20th Century Fox.

From there, Fred took his talents to Hollywood, where he served as a film editor and sound engineer on several major motion pictures.

In 1968 Fred brought his experience to the Minneapolis area and went to work on corporate films, video, training programs, and commercials. In 1974 he started his company, Badiyan Productions which he owns today and where he remains as a creative and innovative leader.

Badiyan quickly built a reputation for creative solutions, working with many Fortune 500 companies including 3M, IBM, Cargill, and Medtronic. As Badiyan gained respect for consistently delivering innovative and effective creative solutions, our clients began asking us to take a bigger role in their training and marketing efforts. We responded by becoming a full-service strategic communications provider.

Fearless Innovation

Looking back at Fred's many accomplishments, including the holding of two motion picture technology patents; we see signs of the innovative spirit that drives the company today. With no fear of innovation, Badiyan believes we can always find the best communication solutions. He is the first to say he could not have achieved this success without a talented group of employees.

Global Customer Understanding

Fred's global experience began early as he worked as an immigrant to understand how to create effective communications in a non-native country. As a result, Badiyan developed a global perspective that has made us adept at solving global communication challenges.

Business Stability

Fred's entrepreneurial practices, such as a debt-free policy, position the company to offer clients an added measure of stability and assurance that Badiyan will be a trusted, long-term business partner.

History Timeline:

  • 1976 - Badiyan, Inc. founded by Fred Badiyan in Bloomington, Minnesota
  • 1979 - First to bring Laserdisc technology to the Midwest
  • 1980 - Became the second company in the United States to adopt Betacam, which became an industry standard
  • 1982 - First to use a supercomputer for 3D animation
  • 1988 - Among the Pioneers of e-learning
  • 1997 - First in Minnesota to use DVD technology for corporate use
  • 1998 - Developed a Learning Management System (Universal Knowledge™)
  • 1999 - One of the first to use cell phones for the delivery of learning programs
  • 2001 - Launched PDA sales support tool
  • 2005 - Adopted the use of high definition digital video
  • 2006 - iPod video delivery
  • 2006 - Mobile Applications for marketing communications


In The News

Entrepreneur keeps a virtual edge

By TODD NELSON, Star Tribune
Fred Badiyan uses high-tech tools in his Bloomington company to develop training and marketing solutions for clients.